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The South African Department of Basic Education prescribed typeface range includes: Grade 0 font, Grade O font, Grade R font, Grade 1 font, Grade 2 font & Grade 3 Cursive font.

The Edu-Font range for South African Junior Primary Schools, fully complies with the criteria set by Montessori Schools South Africa, as well as the South African Department of Education's new CAPS curriculum. The fonts are compatible with all platforms of Windows and Mac.

Foundation Phase educators & parents use the fonts to create their own worksheets, wall charts, handwriting practise cards, etc. Publishing Houses supply educational material using the prescribed typeface. 


Grade one font


grade 1 font


Grade three Cursive font


gr 2 font



How to order?

  • We e-mail a trial font with a limited character set to your e-mail address for evaluation
  • You install and test the trial font on your computer
  • Once satisfied that the fonts meet your requirements you buy the full set of fonts
  • Edu-Aid fonts are not freeware or shareware.
  • Licenses available: Single Home User, School, and Commercial
  • Banking details & Prices are included in the trial font package
  • We e-mail the fonts ( full character set ) to your e-mail address as soon as the deposit shows on our bank statement  
  • It is a criminal offence to resell or distribute any font set or part thereof



Sample of Gr 1, Gr 2 & Gr 3 Cursive Fonts:


Grade one font


grade one font


grade one font set


Grade three Cursive font


grade two font


grade two font set


Cursive write font

grade two cursive



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