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Primary School Fonts

Primary School Fonts has proudly been providing the only 100% correct South African font since 2000. What differentiates our font from others, is that our cursive font links, in order to write full sentences or paragraphs. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

Why Edu-Aid Font?

Designed in collaboration with teachers and industry specialists, the Edu-Aid font is 100 % correct for South African Schools and endorsed by the Department of Education. These fonts enable you to design your own worksheets, flashcards, and handwriting practise cards while never deviating from the prescribed norm for schools


Teachers and parents know that incorrect letter formation is impossible to “unlearn” It is imperative to get it right the first time.


Reading script in the correct font, reinforces the correct letter formation subliminally, making learning incidental


Studies have proven that children who practise handwriting, do better at spelling,  as it activates reading circuits in the brain that promote literacy.

More About Primary School Fonts

As a South African teacher I searched far and wide to find the correct font to use when making worksheets and teaching aids. None were available. This font was born of need and perfected through years of use in South African schools and homes.

Grade one font
Grade three Cursive font
How to order?
  • Contact us and leave your email address
  • We e-mail a trial font with a limited character set to your e-mail address for evaluation
  • You install and test the trial font on your computer
  • Once satisfied that the fonts meet your requirements you buy the full set of fonts
  • Edu-Aid fonts are not freeware or shareware.
  • Licenses available: Single Home User, School, and Commercial
  • Banking details & Prices are included in the trial font package
  • We e-mail the fonts ( full character set ) to your e-mail address as soon as the deposit shows on our bank statement  
  • It is a criminal offence to resell or distribute any font set or part thereof


Single Home User License - 1 PC


School License - Unlimited PC's


Publisher's License - Resellers

Sample of Gr 1 Print and Gr 3 Cursive Fonts

Grade one font
Grade three Cursive font
Cursive write font